IELTS Mock Test


What is the IELTS mock test?

The IELTS Onlinemock test is designed according to the latest changes in the IELTS test with a complete simulation of the test atmosphere in the following sections:





This test is designed in both academic and general forms, and applicants can take one or both of these tests according to their needs. By participating in this test, you can experience realistic and completely similar conditions to the IELTS test. Taking the mock test is the best way to test your abilities before the actual exam.

Try other specialized questions besides Cambridge books.

Measure your skills and abilities for only $ 49.

Stay at home and take the IELTS Mock test online.

Why is participating in an IELTS mock test so critical?

Our 15 years of experience in the field of international exams, especially IELTS, tells us that candidates can not succeed in this exam for various reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

Onlinemock professors, examiners, and scorers designed and prepared a new and unique style in the online IELTS mock exams based on years of successful experience of holding IELTS online and face-to-face classes and holding mock tests.

Unique advantages of Onlinemock IELTS mock tests:

Whom do we recommend to take IELTS mock test?

Onlinemock IELTS simulation test Price:

As you know, the IELTS exam is one of the most expensive international exams. However, the Onlinemock simulation exam is 49$ !!! This means that you have the opportunity to take a test that is very similar to the IELTS test over and over again at a very low cost.

So do not miss this opportunity and take Onlinemock IELTS mock test right now, and gain experience at a very low cost instead of spending much more money taking the IELTS exam to gain experience.

Terms and conditions of participation and cancellation of the mock test:

Be sure to download and read the following PDF file before purchasing. Buying via the website means approving the terms and conditions of the test.

Click to download the rules and conditions for registration and cancellation of the mock exam.

Registration and how to take the IELTS Onlinemock test:

To register, select one of the following options and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Mock: Experimental test with analyzed results

Mock Plus: Experimental test with performance analysis audio

After registering, an email including the purchase information, test participation instructions, and also an activation code (voucher) will be sent to you. You can easily activate your code through the available tips and take your test (s) at any time.

It should be noted that the speaking test is held up to 48 hours after the test. This date will be coordinated and adjusted by our support group.

Special offer: Get a special 20% discount by purchasing 3 tests simultaneously.

Discount code for buying 3 tests simultaneously: sf3

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